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Big Book Of Trains [Hardcover]

The Big Book of Trains is setting off on a journey to explore the fastest, heaviest, longest, and most fantastic trains in the world. Features more than 50 of the world’s most amazing trains, from the Bullet train-the fastest-and the Rocket-the oldest-to the Trans-Siberian Express, the longest scheduled train. Explained in simple language and packed with enough fascinating facts to satisfy every avid young enthusiast. Stunning, specially commissioned photos are reproduced in large format. Detailed annotation highlights the unique features of each example from this incredible international collection. More info. Big Book of Trains

“A New Dimension in Video.”

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 Personalized Kids Toy Train Videos

By now you are probably accustom to seeing your children’s videos in wide-screen, high-definition color on your TV or computer. You may have even seen children’s videos in 3D. Here is something most people have not seen. I’m calling it “You Dimension Television” or UDTV.  UDTV is a personalized video where the main characters have your children’s names and faces. Instead of just watching a video, your children can become the stars of this charming, animated kid’s personalized video called “My Toy Train Story.” More info.

“My Toy Train Story” photo personalized DVD starring your family, preview.

Star your kids in their own toy train video or dvd 

League of Railway Industry Women affiliates with CMA to offer seminar at Railway Interchange 2013

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The League of Railway Industry Women (LRIW) has affiliated with the Coordinated Mechanical Associations (CMA) to hold an educational seminar in conjunction with the CMA technical conference at Railway Interchange 2013, the Railway Supply Institute(RSI) announced yesterday.

Railway Interchange will be held Sept. 29-30 in Indianapolis and RSI assists with the CMA technical conference. Read More


Star your kids in their own toy train video or dvd

World’s fastest steam locomotive confirmed for record-breaking reunion

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Six historic Doncaster-built steam locomotives will be reunited later this year on the 75th anniversary of the Mallard passing 126 mph to set a new world speed record.

On July 3, 1938, the 4468 Mallard, the first of the class to be fitted with a double chimney, became the world’s fastest locomotive, stripping the German’s of the title by just 2 mph.

Now 75 years on, the six surviving A4 locomotives will be brought together at the National Railway Museum in York to mark the anniversary.

The ‘great gathering’ has brought two of Mallard’s sisters home for the first time in nearly half a century.

Dominion of Canada and Dwight D Eisenhower arrived on UK soil last October after a challenging extraction from their home museums – an epic transcontinental trek by rail flat car across North America and a 2,527 mile journey across the Atlantic. Read More

Star your kids in their own toy train video or dvd 

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California  Hi Speed Train 



Inspired by successful high-speed train systems worldwide, California’s electrically-powered high-speed trains will help the state meet ever-growing demands on its transportation infrastructure. Initially running from San Francisco to Los Angeles/Anaheim via the Central Valley, and later to Sacramento and San Diego, high-speed trains will travel between LA and San Francisco in under 2 hours and 40 minutes, at speeds of up to 220 mph, and will interconnect with other transportation alternatives, providing an environmentally friendly option to traveling by plane or car.


800 miles of track… up to 24 stations… the most thorough environmental review process in the nation. Due to the large scope of the project, the planning process proceeded in phases: first, program-level review assessing the need and service area for a statewide system, presenting broad policy choices, and identifying corridors for further study, and second, project-level review in more detail for determining the best alignment and station locations within each of nine system sections. Why? Greater community input, resulting in the best system for all Californians.         Read More


Star your kids in their own toy train video or dvd 

40,000 ride Israel’s first light rail in Jerusalem

Minor delays as Israel inaugurated its first light rail; NIS 4 billion Jerusalem tram took more than a decade to complete.


Jerusalem light rail Photo: Marc Israel Sellem

More than 40,000 people crowded onto 14 light rail trains on Friday as Jerusalem inaugurated the country’s first light rail, a day that was more than a decade and NIS 4 billion in the making.

There were minor delays and technical issues, mostly due to the sheer number of people trying to travel on the system’s first day of operation.

When the train is fully operational, it is expected to carry 100,000 people on a weekday from 5:30 a.m. to past midnight, or 30 million rides per year. Read More



High speed rail delivers many layers of economic benefits  

High speed rail delivers fast, efficient transportation so riders can save time, energy, and money.  HSR is extremely reliable and operates in all weather conditions.  HSR is not subject to congestion, so it operates on schedule every day without delay – especially during rush hour and peak travel times.

HSR spurs the revitalization of cities by encouraging high density, mixed-use real estate development around the stations.  HSR also fosters economic development in second-tier cities along train routes.  HSR links cities together into integrated regions that can then function as a single stronger economy.  HSR broadens labor markets and offers workers a wider network of employers to choose from.  HSR encourages and enables the development of technology clusters with fast easy access between locations.  HSR also expands visitor markets and tourism while increasing visitor spending.

The many benefits HSR delivers spread throughout regions that have HSR, encouraging economic development across a large area.


High Speed Rail is Good for America and Good for Business
This is one important issue that Republicans and Democrats see the value in:  The national high speed rail network will create millions of good jobs, stimulate the economy, create entirely new industries, be the catalyst for the next real estate boom, save businesses money, increase mobility, reduce dependence on oil, reduce our annual $700 billion trade deficit (purchasing foreign oil), and significantly increase national security.



 Fast Trains

8,000 people per hour        
20,000 people per hour
(at 15 miles per hour)           
         (at 200 miles per hour)

Click both videos at the same time for side-by-side comparison

-Here’s the price Americans pay for a transport system that has become overcrowded, wasteful, slow, and expensive:  $87.2 billion a year lost in automotive gridlock, more than $750 for every U.S. traveler.  That’s more than 2.8 billion gallons of gas wasted – three weeks worth per traveler.  And time wasted in traffic jams totals 4.2 billion hours – nearly one full workweek for every traveler.
-The cost of domestic air-traffic delays, according to a 2008 analysis by the Joint Economic Committee of Congress, is as much as $41 billion annually, including $19 billion in increased operational costs for the airlines and $12 billion worth of lost time for passengers.”Read More

Canada Travel: VIA Rail makes improvements to train travel across the country

New interiors, improved menus and better views of the splendour of Canada all part of the changes at VIA Rail.

Via Rail has added more dome cars and made other improvements to its passenger service in Canada.

Whether you love it or leave it for others to use on their vacations there can be no doubt that VIA Rail plays a big role not only in the travel life of Canada, but also in the economic development of the country. I recently chatted with Ryan Robutka, the senior marketing manager for the railroad, to hear about what, from the official point of view, is up at VIA. Here’s how our conversation went: Read More