About Grandpa Jerry

AKA Jerry A. Eisenberg

Jerry has worked in the Motion Picture and Television industry since the 1980s. He edited numerous children’s television specials for ABC and CBS and was part of the production team for “Atlantis,” “Tarzan,” “Hercules,” “The Emperor’s New Grove” and “Dinosaur” for Walt Disney Feature Animation.

After a rewarding career in children’s entertainment that spanned over three decades, Jerry wanted to create something that is entertaining and beneficial for our kids, and raises money to help children that are less fortunate. That something is “U-TrainDVD.com” and the “Off the Tracks 3” personalized, animated children’s train video, now called “My Toy Train Story”

A note from Grandpa Jerry –
In 2004 my grandson Jack was born. Being a grandfather is the greatest role a man can play. When Jack turned one I, created a 20-minute video chronicling that magical first year.

In 2006 while working at a post-production facility in Hollywood I came up with the idea for “Off the Tracks” now called “My Toy Train Story” allows children to be the star in their own entertaining and educational train video and only requires one photo for each of the characters. I created the first version of “Off the Tracks now called “My Toy Train Story”. for Jack and he loved it. It was so much fun watching him, watch it. My daughter tells me he can watch it ten times in a row and still want more. I know your kids will really enjoy it as well. Get our own “My Toy Train Story” video or DVD at  www.u-traindvd.com.


Jerry Eisenberg
Creator and Founder of U-TrainDVD.com

U-TrainDVD.com: 661-298-3008


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