Cartoon and train videos for toddlers

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Star your kids or Grandchildren in their own toy train video or DVD.

“My Toy Train Birthday” kids personalized train video and DVD. This photo personalized video knows the kids names and which birthday it was made for. The trains feature the faces and names of the kids the custom video was made for. Order yours today!  More info or to BUY NOW


Toy Train Story Beginning

Toy Train Story Read-Along the Beginning.  Get a FREE iApp version for iPad and iPhone from the iTunes store. FREE APP Rated 4 1/2 stars.

Toy Train Story: Home for Christmas.

With their great adventure in “Tracks No More” behind them, Molly the red train and Jack the blue train got back on the tracks that they hope would take them home. They wanted to get back home to Grandma’s Station in time for Christmas.


The Number Train – Learning for Kids

The Alphabet train video by vidz4kids vidz4kids’s channel

Two electric trains race through an extensive and impressively long track.

Lego Train show video. A huge Lego train display with lots going on.

20 Tomy Tomica Trains Running at the Same Time: This is a really fun kids train video.


Watch this electron lego train run the curves. Feel like you’re actually riding on the train as well as riding in front of it.

Choo choo train by Peter Weatherall

A short fun video showing a children’s train pulling giant fruit freight. Kids can read along as the fruit rumbles by. Whoo whoo! Chugga chugga!

“The GiggleBelly Train” song preview – Fun train music video for kids

Marvelous Mighty Mac (Thomas the Tank Engine video)

Thomas the tank engine and friends and Polar Express train show 2010


Choo Choo Train


Clip from “Big Trains, Little Trains,” DVD. Sure to keep kids 2-8 in their seats for 30 minutes. Charming child hosts & original music and songs.

 ”Toy Train Hanukkah Story” “Twas a week before Christmas.” A Hanukkah pome.

Watch as a bright and colourful cartoon train is built in this educational video for Toddlers to watch and learn. Learn about the different parts of a steam train in this train video – the chimney, boiler, cabin, passenger carriage and train tracks.

Personalized kids train video

Star your kids in their own toy train video or dvd


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