Steam Locomotive Train Videos for Kids

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Durango to Silverton narrow gauge railroad.


Gracie’s Steam Dream B&W.  30 sec. spot crated for the “Crash the Super Bowel” contest 2013

Gracie Vs the Steam Locomotive .  30 sec. color spot crated for the “Crash the Super Bowel” contest 2013

KIDS LOVE TRAINS!!! A montage of whistles, bells, crossings, and all sorts of steam engines from my various videos, all edited down in this 7 minute video, great for kids who love to hear the clickety clack and the choo-choo of these magnificent trains.

Steam-train (s) in the Netherlands and Germany. Spectaculaire smoke and sound. Published on Feb 6, 2013


The Sierra Railroad in California is one of the most recognizable railroads in the country, and maybe even the world, as it’s been featured in hundreds of movies. The 1800-style trains are known for their themed train rides, but also offer other options like romantic and dinner rides. It’s one of the more convenient railroads, as the Sierra Railroad is within a short driving distance from several major cities in California, including San Francisco and Sacramento.


Kids Love Trains!! Volume 2


Train videos created for kids who love trains! A modern blue steam engine rolls down the train tracks and in to a station.



This Amazing Steam Locomotive Cost $5 Million And Took 18 Years To Build

At one time long ago, steam was the way to power a train from point A to point B.The steam locomotive was a tradition in England, but the last new steam train was released in 1960 as gas and electric took over the railways.One of the idols of the steam locomotive world was the A1 Peppercorn train. Forty-nine of these were built, with the last one coming out in 1949. But after over a decade in service, all 49 were destroyed in 1966. Read more.

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Star your kids in their own toy train video or dvd 

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