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“A New Dimension in Video.”

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 Personalized Kids Toy Train Videos

By now you are probably accustom to seeing your children’s videos in wide-screen, high-definition color on your TV or computer. You may have even seen children’s videos in 3D. Here is something most people have not seen. I’m calling it “You Dimension Television” or UDTV.  UDTV is a personalized video where the main characters have your children’s names and faces. Instead of just watching a video, your children can become the stars of this charming, animated kid’s personalized video called “My Toy Train Story.” More info.

“My Toy Train Story” photo personalized DVD starring your family, preview.

Star your kids in their own toy train video or dvd 

Personalized Toy Train video for kids.

Star you kids in their own toy train video called “My Toy Train story”.

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“My Toy Train Story” is a children’s train video, telling the delightful story to two toy trains that go on an amazing journey to a magical place called “Tracks No More” where the tracks end and trains are free to explore and have adventures. Along the way they meet interesting characters and learn about friendship, team work and helping others in need.


“My Toy Train Story” features three photo personalized starring roles. Available on DVD or as a HD Digital download. More

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