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For several years I worked for the Walt Disney Animation Studios in Burbank CA. During that time I was able to commute to work on  the Metrolink train. The commute was about 25 miles and the city of Burbank had a van took the train commuters to the studios and business through out the media district for free. The whole experience while taking a little longer then driving was relaxing and pleasant. In stead of the stressful drive on the crowed freeway, I got to relax listen to music or catch up on some sleep. I would arrive to work rested and ready to go.

That was then and this is now. I’m semiretired and working on my train videos from my studio at home. Every day a take some time and my dog Gracie and we go walking down by the river which is also near the railroad tracks.

Last year I heard about the Crash the Superbowl contest sponsored by Doritos. So I came up with an Idea that involved my dog Gracie and the Metrolink train that past by where we walked daily.

See Gracie Vs the Train video below.

Gracie Vs the Metrolink train. 30 sec. spot created by for the 2013 crash the supper-bowl contest.

Fastest Train in the World


Maglev Train – complete video presentation


Fastest Train in the World: 581km/h. Japan JR-Maglev

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